A sustainable day at school!
We care about children, teachers and families having a direct and real communication with natureenvironment.

A Day Full of Sustainable Knowledge and Experiences with Family!

On February 16, Sunday, we met at YeniOkul for "A Sustainable Day at School" to get acquainted with eco-friendly, sustainable habits.

In collaboration with Studio Sustain from Bilgi University Faculty of Architecture, Buğday Association, Yeryüzü Association, Transformation Association, Permakamp, Another School is Possible, City Detective, Kokopelli in the City, Zehirsiz Ev - Mercan Yurdakuler, Alternative Education Magazine, Merak Et Magazine, EkBiçYeç, KnotX and our parent Asl Dündar zcan, workshops and talks were held continuously in 6 classrooms, library and open areas at school between 11.00-17.00.

While decorating the event, cardboard boxes and waste materials collected from garbage and shops were used. Fabric scraps were collected from fabric shops in Eminönü and fabric flags were sewn that could be used in other events. The school was completely prepared for the event in a sustainable and ecological way with dry branches, cones and leaves collected from Yldz Park. All materials used were recyclable, upcycled and reusable. School forks and spoons were used instead of plastic service units for food. As little energy as possible was consumed and waste was collected for recycling.

What did we learn, what did we experience?

Yasemin Kireç from Buğday Association held talks and workshops on seeds and compost making for children and adults throughout the day. Children learned how to make compost from their organic waste. They learned the basic information about sprouting and growing seeds. pek Peker from Buğday Association talked about the association's Zehirsiz Sofralar project and then screened a documentary series from the project.

Niyazi Selçuk, founder of Transformation Association, first met with adults with his talk on Waste-Free Life. He answered questions such as whether a zero-waste life is possible, how can we reduce our waste, how should we sort and transform our waste. Then he organized an awareness workshop for children with his book "Yeşil Karncalar", which he wrote to create environmental and transformation awareness among children.

Elif Oğuzbal from Kokopelli in the City explained Bokashi compost in her talk. We listened to all the details of Bokashi, which is the easiest compost technique to apply at home.

Burcu Süren and Öner Oktar from KnotX, a sustainable fashion brand, had a very enjoyable conversation about whether fashion can really be sustainable and how we can change our shopping habits.

The Studio Sustain team from Bilgi University Faculty of Architecture was at school all day with various activities. Asl Kyak ngin, Aysun Ateş Akdeniz and Simge Göksoy talked about how the concept of sustainability can be adapted to education and design environments in their very enjoyable talk "Sustainability in Design". Studio Sustain Doğa Dayoğlu with "Pattern Experiments with Plants", Nanthini Priya Sampath "Bioplastic Workshop" Derindeniz Akmanlar "Waste Time Box Game" also organized workshops for children at the event.

Documentary productions on sustainability were shown all day in the documentary class.

Mercan Yurdakuler, who made a splash with her book Zehirsiz Ev, told about cleaning and personal care with natural materials without chemicals in her talk of the same name.

Leyla Kabasakal from Yeryüzü Derneği talked about quality food and ways to teach children about proper nutrition and cooperativism in her talk titled "Explaining Food to Children and Cooperating."

After her interview on sustainable community at Permakamp, Güneş Savaş conducted a fabric coating workshop with children using wax.

Aslı Dündar Özcan organized a sculpture workshop called "Paper Hands," where participants experienced creating art by transforming waste paper and various recyclable materials.

Gizem Kıygı, one of the founders of the City Detective initiative, conducted a talk on "Child's Perception of Sustainable Cities" and an urban design workshop with children.

In addition to workshops and talks for adults and children, there were also teacher workshops. Özge Oğuz from Başka Bir Okul Mümkün conducted a workshop on "Natural Cycles in the Classroom" for teachers, while Nevruz Yıldırım and Pınar Yılmaz from YeniOkul shared the Seed Project.

Burcu Arıkan and Bengisu Ecem Yıldız from EkBiçYeİç team conducted a workshop on "Growing Micro Sprouts and Micro Greens" with children. They also sold delicious and healthy food throughout the day at the school.

Alternative Education Magazine and Yeni İnsan Publications were present at the school with ecology, environment, and children's books.

Mothers, fathers, children, and participants of all ages, about 350 people, joined this sustainable day experience. It was a very enjoyable day where we discussed sustainability in daily life habits, education, and professional frameworks.