Our kindergartens spacious, bright, airy classrooms are specially designed for children.

Me┼čePalamudu Childrens House has a class order that is separated according to age groups and classes have a flexible arrangement that can be shaped according to the characteristics and curiosities of the childrens age period.

Classes are arranged in a way that allows children to work individually or in groups. This arrangement has a structure that will help the child learn from the space. It is a slightly different arrangement from the classical kindergarten / nursery class order. Even the smallest age group, the class space is divided into child-scale spaces to allow the child to communicate with the space without intermediaries. These are partitions where the teacher can see the space at eye level, but children can separate into small groups. In this way, children make experiments in groups of 3-4 children in these environments that are separated and arranged according to their interests and curiosities.

This photo shows the block corner of the 4-year-old group. The children have been working on a train city design with blocks that started and then added materials tape, paper, cardboard, etc. to support their searches for about 3 months. The block corner is not demolished or collected by an adult during this search and trial period and this corner of the class turns into a real construction process like during the curiosity and search of the children.

Another corner inside the class is Reggio Emilia Approach inspired by Race Tracce Atelier exhibition LIGHT SEARCHES corner with technical devices that can change. Light, shadow, reflection are a very effective play and learning environment by themselves. Sometimes it is prepared technically for the childrens curiosity about a topic, sometimes for the purpose of provoking the process by the teachers.

  • Projection Device

    There is a projection device in every class. How many different ways do you think a projection device can be used? One day he used it to invite a lion to class. The photo is from the moment when two children built a nest for the lion with blocks in front of this image. As a result of about 2 hours of effort, they created a construction with shadow by balancing blocks, giving each other technical tactics. Technology sometimes becomes a teacher in simulating or learning directly from that device itself. It is a very used structured environment to enlarge a photo of a dinosaur skeleton as big as a dinosaur and support drawing language development from this environment.

  • Overhead Projector

    An overhead projector, like an outdated and discarded technology device, works like a magic machine for early childhood. Children experience light and material relationship on this device in such a fun way on their own that we are left with adding various materials and observing and watching their learning. Transparent objects grow on the wall with their dark shadows that are not transparent in color. When they move their hands to the right, the reflection of the object moves to the left.

  • Light Table

    Light table is an active technical corner for studies such as sensory, color, drawing language development.