A School square where all age groups come together, play and learning are activated with environments and communication

The schools gathering square, which we call Piazza, is a social space where all age groups, adults and children can come together. The corners that have formed here, just like in the classrooms, are planned as a learningplay space. We act on the fact that learning is not limited by time and space and we see their most effective observations about children in our piazzas play communication states.

Kitchen, workshop and garden have a transitional structure with piazza. What does this provide?

Children perform one of the most social activities such as eating in communication with all the staff of the school, witnessing the transformation of vegetables and fruits. They recognize art as a language that they can use at any time, not in a limited time frame, and they can go from piazza to workshop and work whenever they want. They have direct, safe access to natural air and daylight, which is a childs right and supports childrens well-being.

There is also a book reading corner at Me┼čePalamudu.

Books are placed so that their front faces are visible and are presented as a living library by being changed from time to time by teachers. Children readtell picture books by climbing the stairs like a game or entering the book nook if they want to be alone.