Children need to eat healthily for their healthy growth. We make a special effort to ensure that children eat healthily in our kindergarten. The natural taste of the products purchased from Şişli Organic Market (%100 ecological market) and the care we show in the preparation methods reflect on the taste of the dishes and the children enjoy eating these healthy foods.

We Use Organic Products in Season

Nowadays, for more yield, all the needs of the plant are tried to be met with chemical fertilizers; this is possible in basic elements, so the yield is good; however, the fruits and vegetables of the plants that are deprived of thousands of substances in the soil also taste bland. In organic products, the main thing is to feed the soil, not the plant, and the plants grown in a rich environment in terms of nutrients have both high nutritional value and good taste due to their rich content. Moreover, children in their growth period need not only carbohydrates and proteins, but also hundreds of substances that make up the building blocks of plants. That’s why we use organic products in our meals, we do our shopping from Şişli-Feriköy organic market, we buy many products such as vegetables, fruits, eggs organically certified from here.

We pay attention to consume vegetables and fruits always in season. For example, in our salads in winter season, instead of tomatoes and cucumbers, we have winter vegetables such as carrots and radishes, and we prefer seasonal fruits in fruit selections as well.

We Emphasize Vegetables, Fruits and Meat in Our Menu

The healthiest foods for children are fresh fruits and meaty vegetable dishes. That’s why our menu consists mainly of vegetable and meat dishes, as well as fish frequently on our menu. We buy the vegetables and fruits we use from Şişli Organic Market, so all products are fresh and seasonal.

We Use Daily Milk (Pasteurized) Instead of UHT Milk

UHT milks are preferred because they last longer and have a price advantage, but for milk to last longer, it needs to be sterilized, and during this process, UHT (Ultra High Temperature) process, most of the beneficial substances in milk are also lost.

Instead of UHT milk, we use daily pasteurized milk, which is processed at a lower temperature and therefore close to the content of natural milk, but for this reason it needs to be consumed in a short time and transported with cold chain. Children drink this milk and we also make our yogurt with this daily milk.

Less flour-sugar food - more fruit, vegetable

In our afternoon breakfasts, instead of flour-sugar-heavy cake, pastry, cookie every day, we consume snacks such as zucchini fritters, lentil patties, fruit yogurt, carrot salad with yogurt a few days a week. We eat fruit as a snack during the day.

Sugar-free School

It is a known fact that refined sugar is very harmful for the liver, digestive system and dental health. Thats why all desserts and snacks are made completely sugar-free at MeşePalamudu. Only natural sweeteners are used.

We pay attention to the Omega 6 Omega 3 balance

We do not use soy, sunflower, corn oil with high omega 6 content, margarine containing trans fats. Instead, we use hazelnut oil, olive oil and butter that do not contain Omega 6.

We use our own prepared fruit juices - teas.

We do not consume ready-made fruit juices with high sugar content, cola, soda and other drinks that are harmful for children. Instead, we prefer freshly squeezed fruit juices, low-sugar compotes that we prepare ourselves or fruit teas such as linden-orange that we also prepare ourselves. Since all the ingredients used here are bought fresh, there are no additives in them.

We do not use ready-made foods.

We do not give children wafers, candies, ready-made biscuits, potato - corn chips, etc. because of the additives they contain. Likewise, we do not use ready-made products such as ready-made soups, meat broth chicken broth tablets, ketchup, mayonnaise because they contain additives such as MSG, soy proteins. When we need to use them, we make them ourselves.

We use specially purified water.

It is very important that the water they drink is healthy because children consume a lot of water. It appears in the press that high levels of contamination have been detected in some bottled waters, even in well-known brands, which are seen as a solution to tap water. Even if there is no contamination in bottled water, scientists say that harmful substances from the plastic carboys they are stored in slowly mix into the water.

We decided to produce our own water ourselves as a solution. We chose the reverse osmosis system, which was first used by Nasa in space as a technology, which allows water to pass through a permeable membrane and separate it from all kinds of microbes, heavy metals etc. Our water is produced according to use with this system, so there are no problems related to storage. The control, measurement and filter change of our purification system are done periodically by an expert company.