"Because he sees the future oak tree and even the oak forest in that oak acorn"

When I was thinking of a name for the nursery, I remembered Doğan Cüceloğlu's work on the awareness of human potential. In this work, it is mentioned that in an environment where human potential is recognized, the child is a potential bundle that comes to this world with his own special talents and tendencies. The environment, both social and physical, is designed to explore and develop this potential.

And it says for a person who is unaware of its potential is, an oak acorn is not very important, They can crush it with their foot, throw it at the wall like a stone...

But for a person who knows what it's potential is, an oak acorn is much more valuable than a stone. Because they see the future oak tree and even the oak forest in that oak acorn.

We also see that forest in every child. We know that children are complete beings with their existing potentials. We have adopted the principle of developing the social and physical environment of our school with this perspective for them to improve themselves now and in the future, and we named our school Meşe(Oak's) Palamudu(Acorn) Children's House.