"Who am I, what kind of world is around me, who are there, how should I behave, how will I survive?"

Children in preschool and kindergarten age between 2-6 years old form a cognitive structure about how they perceive the world around them and how they interact with it. This structure forms the basis of personality and behavior, and accompanies the children throughout their lives. They look for answers to certain questions such as "Who am I, what kind of world is around me, who are there, how should I behave, how will I survive?"

Social culture, like air, surrounds us without us being aware of it and directs our behavior. In this culture, the child's creative, entrepreneurial, questioning, researching characteristics are limited and the child is pruned in a way. For the child to be able to resist the stereotyped, rigid, outdated value judgments and traditional education methods that hinder hisher development and creativity, heshe needs to be raised as an active, independent, creative, observant and mentally capable individual.

Modern Education Method

Based on active learning
Reggio emilia based
Workshop and creative work oriented

Workshop Activities

Creative works are done with different materials every day in our workshop.


Branch Courses

Our branch courses are given by expert teachers from outside.

Dance and ballet studies self-expression with body language, increasing large muscle coordination, contributing to physical development.

In music work the child is introduced to different musical instruments, gains a sense of rhythm and expresses himselfherself with music.


English education is given every day to take advantage of the high language learning capacity in the 3-6 age period. Children learn English by singing English rhymes, songs and playing games with English words.